The MCSS trainer: The new breed of Superheroes


MCSS training and education
MCSS stands for MovementCODE Sports Science fitness education and is designed as an educational service to fitness professionals, athletes and sports enthusiasts with the main goal of raising the bar for quality of trainers, coaches and performance practitioners around the world!
The goal is simple and clear: We want to develop maximal repeated effective power! Power does not mean anything if it is not applied towards something. Only the applied power matters and having the ability to consistently and repeatedly apply high power to your surroundings with very little energy waste is the key to an out-of-this-world performance capacity. What does it matter if you generate internal forces equivalent of 600lbs but you loose 50% of that in your external application? It means that you are wasting energy and and training yourself to become inefficient. That is like a car engine than generates 600hp but only delivers 300hp at the wheels and it is the hp at the wheels thats going to win the race! So here is a tip: Stop tensing everything in your body when you lift weights- stop squeezing and cramping your glutes when you deadlift because that is purely a waste of energy that does NOT translate into anything. The goal should alway be EFFORTLESS POWER - NOT POWERFUL EFFORT!

The code

Unlocking the code of exceptional human performance and aesthetics
Movement is what ensures life goes on. The second we stop moving we not only go backwards but life ceases to exist. Everything in the body is guided by movement; your breathing, your brain activity and your muscle performance. The CODE that is written to guide specific movement is like a computer program written to run an app but a gizillion times more advanced and not to forget, organic. Understanding HOW the code is written and how it can be influenced is the ultimate in the brain/body connection and that is what We do at the MCSS certification (read more about the code here).

Do you want to optimize your training for enhanced performance with aesthetics and power to match?

The founder

Kenneth Jay, MSc, PhD (scholar)
Researcher, trainer and consultant to Olympic athletes, actors, elite special forces, fitness athletes, cross fitters, world champion wrestlers, world champion tennis players, ballet dancers, swimmers, ballplayers and CEOs of major corporations in physical development, pain rehabilitation and stress management strategies. You can read more about Kenneth Jay here.

The certification

Efforttless power is the goal
Whether you are a professional fitness coach or trainer, an athlete, physical therapist, manual therapist, chiropractor, functional medicine practitioner or just interested in moving more effortlessly through life the MCSS can help you stand out as professional that has in-depth knowledge of the physiology of the body and know exactly what to do to create the desired results!

Do you love the science of performance and power? Do you want the deeper understanding of the "whys" and "hows" in performance optimization?

The science

No-compromises fitness science and education
In a health and fitness industry filled with myths and fallacies of human performance, ineffective and sometimes dangerous training advice leading to musculoskeletal pain and discomfort or just lack of progress, the movementCODE method only delivers high quality material based on the most recent science in human performance. No compromises accepted, no myths and no fallacies- only applicable science! We decipher the CODE to increase performance in all aspects of physical development. Whether its the "muscle code", "nutrition code" or "high performance code" you are interested in the principles taught by the MCSS will cover it!

The background

The knowledge base has been built
by working more than 15 years putting in thousands of hours with all types of clients helping them reach their goals. Kenneth Jay not only delivers bulletproof results but backs it with hard core science from 10+ years of being right in the middle of scientific research. All to ensure the highest quality of educational services to anyone with the desire to learn not only "how" but also "why".

The requirements

Once you are are IN!
The MCSS has NO recertification requirement. Instead you have the option of ALWAYS returning to a cert to get the latest updates WITHOUT additional cost. Re-attendance is encouraged and is a great way to continuously stay current with applicable advances in the exercise physiology of the MCSS.

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