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Enabling unrestricted effortless movement to display limitless power

MCSS training and education
The MovementCODE Sports Science fitness certification is designed as an educational service to fitness professionals, athletes and sports enthusiasts with the main goal of raising the bar for quality of trainers, coaches and performance practitioners around the world!
Evidence-based fitness
In a health and fitness industry filled with myths and fallacies of human performance, ineffective and sometimes dangerous training advice leading to musculoskeletal pain and discomfort or just lack of progress, the movementCODE method only delivers high quality material based on the most recent science in human performance.
Efforttless power is the goal
Whether you are a professional fitness coach or trainer, an athlete, physical therapist, manual therapist, chiropractor, functional medicine practitioner or just interested in moving more effortlessly through life the MCSS can help you stand out as professional that has in-depth knowledge of the physiology of the body and know exactly what to do to create the desired results!
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